Reference projects

OHT Alfa Lift during a lifting operation in nice weather.

Monopile installation analysis

Description: Dynamic analysis of monopiles from floating vessel. Co-simulation in Orcaflex combining DP model, gripper control system and gripper hydraulic system by FMU.

Client: MacGregor


Structural analysis of GRP vessel

Description: Global and local structural analysis of GRP hull and superstructure of worlds first car ferry made in composite.

Client: Måløy verft


Hornsea 1 OWF cable protection

Description: Structural analysis of cable and cable protection system (CPS).

Client: Seaproof Solutions/Ørsted


Co-simulation of QuickLift

Description: Delivery of Orcaflex model with wrapper script for running FMU model og Cranemaster QuickLift


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cDynamics AS was founded in 2015 as an engineering consultancy supplying technical expertise in CAD, CFD and Structural Analysis (FEA) to the composite, shipbuilding and renewable industries of Norway.