Offshore Dynamics

Dynamic simulation of floating & immersed structures such as fish farms and undersea cables.

Working offshore represents a big investment in time, money and effort. Reduce your risk by simulating the effects of the ocean on your materiel.

Using the industry standard dynamics simulation abilities of Orcaflex by Orcina Software, we can offer you the ability to simulate the dynamics of a wide range of offshore structures and ship – materiel interactions.

Orcawave, a potential flow solver, is used to model the response of floating objects in waves (RAO data). The next step is to use Orcaflex to simulate the dynamics of the full sea-borne system including mooring lines, winches, cranes drag elements etc.

We have used our knowledge to help companies planning projects involving subsea cable installation, towed seismic arrays, floating fish-farm construction, craning operations from tenders and many more besides.

Orcaflex allows us to simulate such projects as:

  • Offshore wind installation simulation
  • Mooring
  • Cable Caternary Paths
  • Floating wind turbine and fish farm behaviour
  • Cable laying
  • Towed array sizing

Orcaflex allows us to simulate a wide variety of issues that are frequently encountered by the renewable energy industry.

  • Installation of cables in monopile foundations
  • Cable stress & strain
  • Cable fatigue life estimation
  • Vortex Induced Vibration
  • Effects of marine growth over time

Our customers frequently require validating their designs or intended operations according to statutory codes of practice. We are most familiar with API and DNV codes of practice and certification, but we will work in accordance with whatever is required.

Orcaflex analysis of Marine Stabilization System on INO 12MW floater

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