MacGregor wins large offshore wind contract with help from cDynamics

Alfa Lift, picture adopted from MacGregor press release.

Success story for Norwegian participation in offshore wind

MacGregor received a large EPC contract from OHT in August 2020. The contract is for delivery of the mission-critical system to the vessel Alfa Lift. Alfa Lift is an installation vessel for offshore wind turbine foundations.

cDynamics celebrates that a Norwegian company captures such an important project in the offshore wind industry, and we are also excited to have contributed. This contract exemplifies how experience from oil and gas can be useful when innovating in offshore wind.

OHTs installation vessel ALFA Lift, which will be using equipment from MacGregor.


cDynamics’ contribution in the project

Since October 2019, cDynamics have been part of the MacGregor team that has developed the equipment. cDynamics roles have been that of dynamic simulations in Orcaflex as well as parts of the structural engineering. We enjoy the collaboration, and look forward to working with the project partners also through the EPC phase.

Read the full press release from MacGregor here, and more about our work with offshore wind here.


Future of offshore wind

The offshore wind industry is growing more than 20% per year, and not only in dollars. The industry is also seeing larger turbines, structures, vessels, farms, and voltages. The rate of innovation is impressive, and in cDynamics we are well rigged to support small and large ideas. With our engineering mindset and experience, we are eager to discuss new commercial or pre-commercial projects ideas. Read more about our current research project on fire-resistant composites here.

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