CFD Simulation

Studying fluid flow behaviour in machines and around bodies

Our CFD consultancy services can help you solve almost any fluid problem you care to name including hull resistance, rotating components and conjugate heat transfer.

Fluid flow issues occur in almost every branch of engineering and range from the relatively simple to the fiendishly complicated. cDynamics has the tools and expertise to solve problems from a wide range of industries, although naturally from our background we have a particular specialism in naval architecture, sea loads and heat transfer analysis of offshore cables.

Through CFD we can help you to preview the impact of design changes on flow behaviour and its effects in order to optimise your designs.

We use three major packages to simulate fluids – OpenFOAM, StarCCM+ and Altair Acusolve/Radioss – which are well known to industry and used daily in the development of major OEM products worldwide.


Air temperature and velocity between concentric cylinders

CFD of fish farm using StarCCM+

CFD of wavefoil slamming in waves

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