MacGregor wins large offshore wind contract with help from cDynamics

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cDynamics welcomes new employees

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cDynamics awarded research funding

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Engineering Simulation and Analysis for your Organisation

We are an engineering consultancy offering simulation services to analyse and optimise your designs for the ever growing requirements of modern industry.

Our flagship services are our expertise and experience with complex CFD and FEA studies in the domains of shipbuilding, composites and the renewable industries.

Offshore Dynamics
Working offshore represents a big investment in time, money and effort. Reduce your risk by simulating the effects of the ocean on your materiel.
FEA Simulation
Structural Analysis (FEA) of components and assemblies under loading is one of our principal areas of expertise.
CFD Simulation
Our CFD consultancy services can help you solve almost any fluid problem you care to name including planing hulls, rotating components, conjugate heat transfer and combustion.
Do you need advice on an engineering dilemma? Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion of your problem.

Our Expertise

Offshore and Subsea
We have completed many demanding projects for Norway’s offshore industries both above and below the waves.
Ship Design
New ship design from scratch and analysis of your existing designs.
Automotive & Combustion
Accurately simulating the process of combustion is a very challenging feat. We have invested in the capability and expertise to do so.



cDynamics As

Tordenskjolds Gate 9

4612 Kristiansand S

cDynamics AS was founded in 2015 as an engineering consultancy supplying technical expertise in CAD, CFD and Structural Analysis (FEA) to the composite, shipbuilding and renewable industries of Norway.