Offshore wind

Engineering Structures to withstand the Sea

We have completed many demanding projects for Norway’s offshore industries both above and below the waves.

Our experience with waterborne structures doesn’t start and end at boats and shipping. We have ongoing relationships with companies involved in offshore windfarms and Norway’s growing aquaculture industry.

cDynamics has the capability to simulate the effect of the ocean dynamically upon structures and cables using a combination of FEA, CFD and the Orcaflex offshore dynamics modelling suite by Orcina. Combined with our knowledge of composites, this makes us a great choice for companies involved in the aquaculture, offshore and renewable power industries.

We currently specialise in offshore wind analysis using Orcaflex, in particular coupled analysis of floating offshore wind turbines and analysis of offshore power cables and cable protection systems.

We offer:

  • Coupled aero-hydro-servo-elastic simulation of floating offshore wind turbines.
  • Virtual testing of control systems and hydraulic systems. In particular we run co-simulation between Orcaflex, that models the global dynamic system, and an FMU of a subsystem e.g. a hydraulic winch.
  • Structural and CFD analysis of offshore structures
  • Installation planning and verification of subsea cables and cable protection systems
  • Analysis of subsea cable life and risk assessment including ultimate/fatigue strength, temperature and vortex induced vibration studies.
  • Assistance with project certification to DNV standards.

We can also model floating structures, cranage operations from tender craft to site and anchoring operations.

CFD of OC3 floating wind turbine using StarCCM+

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cDynamics AS was founded in 2015 as an engineering consultancy supplying technical expertise in CAD, CFD and Structural Analysis (FEA) to the composite, shipbuilding and renewable industries of Norway.