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We offer an innovative suite of engineering consultancy services to industry, building on our experience in engineering design and analysis to offer you a custom built solution to your challenges. With specialists on our staff in CFD, FEA and other numerical methods, we can provide a comprehensive consultancy service for just about any problem you care to name; from concept generation through to final delivery.

We can offer you the opportunity to look deep into the design of your product and discover ways of optimising its behaviour, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing your costs and time to market. Using advanced numerical methods we can discover the optimum operating point for your device and reduce or remove your requirements for expensive testing of physical prototypes.

Simply put: we can help you make your product better, cheaper and get it to market more quickly.

Our Primary Services

Experienced & Professional
Offshore Dynamics
Working offshore represents a big investment in time, money and effort. Reduce your risk by simulating the effects of the ocean on your materiel.
FEA Simulation
Structural Analysis (FEA) of components and assemblies under loading is one of our principal areas of expertise.
CFD Simulation
Our CFD consultancy services can help you solve almost any fluid problem you care to name including hull resistance, rotating components and conjugate heat transfer.
Software development
As well as performing analyses ourselves, we can provide custom CAE applications and tailored software for you to enhance your own productivity.

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If your needs don’t fit into the categories on this page, please take a look at our other services page, our previous work, or simply contact us – we cover a wide range of disciplines and are eager to help!
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cDynamics AS was founded in 2015 as an engineering consultancy supplying technical expertise in CAD, CFD and Structural Analysis (FEA) to the composite, shipbuilding and renewable industries of Norway.