New employee at cDynamics

We’re happy to welcome Kasper Sandal as a new employee at cDynamics!

Kasper has a Masters degree in Product development and production from NTNU and a PhD in structural optimization from DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Uniuversitet). During his Phd he was the main developer for a design tool, JADOP (Jacket Design Optimization), that’s using numerical gradient-based optimization for automatic design of steel jackets for offshore wind turbines.

The PhD was titled “Design optimization of jacket structures for mass production”, and was part of the strategic Danish research project ABYSS ( Kaspers research included collaboration with fellow researchers at Aalborg University and NTNU, and resulted in several conference presentations and 4 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals such as Wind Energy and Marine Structures.

For more information see his Phd:


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