cDynamics welcomes new employees

cDynamics hires two new engineers to satisfy growing demand

cDynamics is dedicated to helping our customers succeed. We have been fully occupied with projects for half a year, and expand the team to continue serving our customers. From August 2020, we welcome Andreas Ommundsen and Monica Vegsund to our team in Kristiansand. They are both marine engineers from NTNU, graduated in 2015 and 2020, respectively.

Knut Inge welcomes two new engineers to cDynamics. From left: Knut Inge Edvardsen, Monica Vegsund, Andreas Ommundsen.


Andreas has worked for Multiconsult in Tromsø since graduation, and have specialized in dynamic simulation and coding, often applied to aquaculture projects. When Andreas moved home to Kristiansand this spring, cDynamics would not let anyone else get hold of him. Andreas will enter projects related to marine operations and aquaculture.

Monica was hand picked among more than 50 applicants when cDynamics put up a position for a new engineer in May 2020. Monica will enter projects related stability and structural analysis of composite vessels.


cDynamics activates further resources to bring forward a NorDan fishing boat

In addition to the two new positions in cDynamics, we have temporarily expanded the team even further. Mathias Skjævestad has been employed in Pioneer Robotics since February 2020, and is available to cDynamics as a 3D CAD engineer. Gudmundur Petursson is a mechanical engineer working freelance. They are both involved in an ongoing fishing boat project for NorDan, where cDynamics is responsible for stability, arrangement, and strength. The whole cDynamics team as of September 2020 is shown below.

From left: Kasper, Gudmundur, Andreas, Mathias, Monica, Glenn, and Knut Inge.

To read more about our staff, please visit our about us page.

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