Automotive & Combustion

Advanced Simulation of Combustion Processes

Accurately simulating the process of combustion is a very challenging feat. We have invested in the capability and expertise to do so.

The drive for greater efficiency in engines has never been greater. Engines must reach increasingly strict regulations on emissions and particulates through efficient combustion processes that maximise fuel economy.

Analysis of the system from intake to exhaust manifold is the key to optimising combustion, creating a virtual model of the engine. Recently cDynamics has added the CONVERGE CFD software to its repertoire, allowing us to accurately model combustion for virtually any device and any combination of fuels.

CONVERGE’s revolutionary algorithmic mesh generation allows the accurate capture of flow structures without the need for extensive user input – a massive efficiency saving. This also allows the accurate meshing of complex moving geometry in all six degrees of freedom.

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cDynamics AS was founded in 2015 as an engineering consultancy supplying technical expertise in CAD, CFD and Structural Analysis (FEA) to the composite, shipbuilding and renewable industries of Norway.